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Covid -19 has changed the way our society will operate in our present and in the future. Heath & Safety is the most important task we tackle each day before and after our students visit our facilities. We have added sanitary tools to keep our students in their own secured area protected by sneeze guards while remaining 6 feet apart at all times.  

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At Safe C Tutoring, we teach students to work smarter, not harder. With innovative teaching techniques, qualified instructors, and quality learning materials, we help students strengthen their foundations and improve their skills, with guaranteed results.

Virtual School Assistance Program

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At Safe C Tutoring, our dedicated and experienced faculty provides students with the assistance and training on the computers & Ipads  that lead to real results in a short period of time. This new reality of education might be scary but We’re here to give you world-class guidance and help you achieve your best.


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Our highly qualified teachers help you achieve your goals with proven methods that guarantee results. We support students looking to both strengthen their foundations and improve their performance. Below are some of the courses we offer.


Kindergarten Prep

Preparing You for Success

Our Kindergarten Prep, helps your student prepare and adjust to large classroom sizes. Our goal is to ensure our students are prepared prior to starting Kindergarten.

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Learning Electronics

Virtual School Electronic Education

Website building, Creating Video Games,Create your very own video game that makes learning fun

First Grade all Subjects

Higher Learning

Math, Reading Comprehension, Science, Computers

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Middle School all subjects

Reach Higher

Math, Reading Comprehension, Science, Computers

Social Skill Building

Exceed Your Expectations

Kindergarten,  Elementary School, Middle School 

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Crafts Activity

Workshop, Arts & Crafts

Preparing You for Success

Sea Turtles Drawing & Painting Lesson

SEA TURTLES DRAWING & PAINTING LESSON This sea turtle drawing & painting art project was inspired by this Under-the-Sea Chalk Lesson. To keep the project manageable for first graders, I used...

I am passionate about the learning process. Assessing each students ability is important, creating a  plan that stimulates memory, & motivates learning  is my goal for all my students.

Skyler Adelson

The learning process fascinating  me, I am driven & passionate about changing the life of every student I have the pleasure of helping.

Kris Michaels

A.I. is the future, coding is the most interesting things I've had the pleasure of studying and teaching my students. Google has a prentice program for our students 11 years - 13 years old.

Frankie Bolder



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661 699 2698

1605 East Palmdale Blvd.
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